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Your Image is Important

You have so many talents”, she said. “Why aren’t you using them”, she said. “ “Start a blog”, she said. “Me, write a blog”, I said. “And write a book” , she said. “Write a book”, I asked. “Yes”, she said. And a website and social media and…. “Research what books are selling” he said. “Find out what publishers are looking for”, he said. “OK”, I said. Quite frankly, I thought they were crazy, but I said “I’ll do it”. Amazingly enough, when I woke the next morning, thoughts were flying through my head. “I can do this”, I said.

It’s taken several months to get from the first conversation to now. But here I am! Writing a blog about what I think is important. Isn’t that what blogs are all about; what someone thinks is important? Well a long time ago, I realized that I was important.

Since a child, I have always loved clothes. To get dressed up for school, work, go out, was important to me. That same standard carried into married life. Whenever my husband and I were going out I would dress as I felt appropriate. My husband usually had on the same faded, ratty shirt and would proclaim “I feel uncomfortable…you need to change clothes” as we headed for the door. And guess what….I would change my clothes. Now, who was uncomfortable? So one day when he proclaimed his discomfort, I simply said “I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m not changing”. Well, I sat in the car for a few minutes and no husband. When I went back into the house, he was changing clothes. And from that point he took an interest in his appearance no matter where we were going. But it took a stand on my part to get that message across.

So fast forward many years, and I still have feel that passion and self respect to get up and get dressed in the morning. What a difference it makes in a person’s behavior, stature and demeanor. It does for me. Why not everyone? So the new adventure begins as I pass on my thoughts and opinions. Be sure you are doing it for yourself, because it will certainly show in your personal and professional life.


  • Paula / 27 January 2015 3:11


    I really loved reading this blog. It gave me a glimpse into who you are and what motivates you. Thanks for sharing!

    Paula :)

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