Linda A Titus | Wardrobe Tips – What’s in your closet?
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Wardrobe Tips – What’s in your closet?

Your guide to mixing, matching and extending your wardrobe and wardrobe budget.

Your closet should be composed of 25% bottoms and 75% tops.

Separate all the garments by type – hang pants together, shirts together, blouses together, sweaters, dresses, etc. Even separate your suits in to separate pieces. You can even color code for easier selection.

When you enter your closest to select your outfit for the day, select a bottom; then select a top. Depending on the time of year and outdoor temperature, you may be selecting more than one top…layer up and remove layers as needed. This extends the wardrobe even more! (don’t you just love fall and winter?)

Plan ahead. Know your calendar for the week and plan accordingly for business, casual and even formal affairs using this system. With this system you can easily wear the same pant or skirt with different tops and probably no one would notice. Unless you hang a sign around your neck pointing to that fact! Some outfits can easily be changed from business to casual with different foot wear. Wear the jacket from the matched business suit with a different skirt and the skirt or pant from the matched business suit with a different jacket, blouse or sweater.

Don’t worry about being matchy, matchy…blend is the key word. Colors and garments that blend will extend your wardrobe.

So, what are you wearing tomorrow?

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