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First Impressions

I told you a story about life with my first husband and compromising my standards on demand. So here’s the next story with a completely different individual who appreciated standards and professionalism. My husband, Jim Titus, was an impeccable dresser. When he dressed for business or social, he got dressed. In a suit, he was polished from head to toe. In fact, every time he put on a suit he polished his shoes whether they needed polishing or not. For casual, he loved polo shirts, always tucked in with a belt. Now you might think that his reason for dressing came in his upbringing. In fact, I’m quite sure it did. His mother, a grammar teacher, was am intelligent, conservative, independent woman. Raised with standards in her family, she passed them on to her children. But sometimes, as kids do, they may not have paid attention to the fine details. So upon graduation from college, Jim sought out a job and was hired. He promptly went and bought a new suit. When he got to work on his first day, his manager looked at him and said “nice suit; too bad it doesn’t fit”…. He was crushed, but that statement stuck with him for the rest of his life. Sometimes that’s what it takes to send a message. What I call the verbal 2×4; hit over the head and knocked into reality. So the concept of “fit” became very real to him. From that day forward, he was sure to have all his suits tailored properly. There is nothing that will destroy the first impression faster than clothes that don’t fit or are not hemmed appropriately. So the next time you buy clothes, take a good look at fit. Is the garment too small or too big? Are the sleeves too long? Is the hem on the skirt or pants too long? If any of these hold true, get that garment to a good alteration store or contact me. When your garment fits properly you will have that polished look for the perfect first impression. Poised and polished wins the race!

So, what are you wearing tomorrow?

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