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Linda A Titus

Thoughts on fashion and life

Your Image is Important

“You have so many talents”, she said. “Why aren’t you using them”, she said. “ “Start a blog”, she said. “Me, write a blog”, I said. “And write a book” , she said. “Write a book”, I asked. “Yes”, she said. And a website and...

Wardrobe Tips – What’s in your closet?

Your guide to mixing, matching and extending your wardrobe and wardrobe budget. Your closet should be composed of 25% bottoms and 75% tops. Separate all the garments by type – hang pants together, shirts together, blouses together, sweaters, dresses, etc. Even separate your suits in...

First Impressions

I told you a story about life with my first husband and compromising my standards on demand. So here’s the next story with a completely different individual who appreciated standards and professionalism. My husband, Jim Titus, was an impeccable dresser. When he dressed for business...